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Welcome to TwinCities Vocal Arts

Welcome to TwinCities Vocal Arts

Welcome to TwinCities Vocal ArtsWelcome to TwinCities Vocal ArtsWelcome to TwinCities Vocal Arts

Singing Lessons, Classes

Private Lessons

Private singing lesson

Vocal fundamentals of pitch, body and breath control, physical posture, repertoire and performing skills are all approached according to the student's capabilities, future goals and aspirations. Musical styles of study are chosen between the student and teacher.

  • ..are for developing a healthy technique, breath control and good practice habits for flexibility and longevity.
  • ..are scheduled weekly, at a regular appointment with the same instructor.
  • ..are intended to be long-term and steady for the best progress.

     1/2 hr               $30

     45 min             $35

       1 hr                $40

Coaching Sessions

Coaching performance session

  • Coaching sessions are beneficial for students who are auditioning, or in activities that need those temporary, 'special' vocal adjustments, style, interpretive focus, repertoire development or language skills.
  • An instructor will help you with any of the above, being respectful of your current, personal voice instructor's teaching approach. 
  • Sessions can also be helpful for people who have difficult scheduling options
  • Regular or customized sessions can be arranged between student and instructor as desired.

  1 Hour minimum        $40

Classes, Seminars, Workshops

Group Classes, Seminars, Workshops

  • Venue locations, class minimum and maximum participants vary depending on the group subject offered.  
  • Contact us for a Group Classes Flyer for future offers coming in the summer and fall season of 2018.
  • Let us know what subjects would interest you.

    Examples are:

  • Repertoire for Auditions
  • Vocal Anxiety, relaxation skills
  • Sight reading
  • 'Welcome' Your Voice
  • Music Theory for singers
  • Singing in German
  • Song Interpretation

Angela May, mezzo soprano, Instructor

CALL or E-MAIL Angela May for personal attention of scheduling time and tuition payment.

You are your voice...and your voice is You !

Good vocal concepts and technigue free your imagination, natural musicality and personal self-expression. The voice grows and changes as you do. It can be challenged, 'pushed', shouted, strained and generally 'used and abused'...which is why it should be trained well...relaxed properly and always enjoyed!

My lessons and classes are dedicated to those objectives.