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Welcome to TwinCities Vocal Arts


"Angela seems to be able to achieve, in one hour, what other instructors have never been able to do."

                                       Julia Dolan, theatre and music student

"Some instructors have you listen to other people and instruments, then ask you to mimic the sounds. Angela has you work on your own personal instument from within and that is where I have found my true voice."

                                        Brenda Samuelson, buisness processor

"Angela has a game plan for each individual student and can interpret every voice individually. Therefore, her choice of exercises is very helpful in increasing the flexibility of my voice. And that's whyI went to TC Vocal Arts in the first place."

                                        Barbara Cohen, professional 'pop' singer

"TCVA allowed me to begin entering small theatres and performing. Angela teaches what singers want, the ability to sing well on their own, and to solo. If you're just beginning to learn how to sing, TCVA teaches you the basics and thenslowly helps you improve to become a great voice. If you have been told in the past that you can't sing, TC Vocal Arts can prove that wrong. This is a great place to start."

                                        Kate Murphy, credit security manager, thespian

"Working with Angela has made all the difference in the world! As a dancer, I've always wanted to supplement my career with singing and never thought I could until I worked with TwinCities Vocal Arts."

                                        Jonathan Urla, professional dancer

"I started working with TCVA in my late 40's...never having sung or knowing anything about my voice. Angela's patient and persistent work helped me discover I was a tenor and was able to audition and sing for 5 season's with Vocal Essence, as well as take on other singing opportunities. Most of all, it helped me get in touch with both my body and my creativity in a whole new way. My speaking ability to relax in public settings greatly improved. I learned my voice is connected to my entire physical being. Sadly, I had to move out of Minnesota after 10 years of studying with Angela. But the work we did together will continue to make a difference for the rest of my life! Give it a shot for yourself...dream big..."

                                        Dan Sola, geologist, actor, director

"TwinCities Vocal Arts' Voice/Body Connection class has helped me for the first time to understand my body as an instrument."

                                        Susan Stoddard, secretary

"Twin Cities Vocal Arts offers so much to people. I have been through several studios and teachers. Ever since my first lesson I knew that there was something different here. Something better than most. I recommend TCVA to any voice...Male/Female, Soprano to Bass."

                                        Tim Lunneborg, food manager, singer