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Welcome to TwinCities Vocal Arts

Welcome to TwinCities Vocal Arts

Welcome to TwinCities Vocal ArtsWelcome to TwinCities Vocal ArtsWelcome to TwinCities Vocal Arts

Registration and Lesson Policy


  • All forms of vocal instruction is offered for beginners thru professionals who are 16yrs of age or older. (Exceptions are considered by request, based on recommendation, previous experience or private audition).
  • A $25 one-time, non-refundable  registration fee is required for new students, in all forms of lessons, with the first paid tuition.
  • All Tuition and fees must be paid before a student is admitted into private or group lessons
  • Cash refunds are not given for unattended lessons.
  • Lessons are continuous through out the year with a few notified holiday exceptions.
  • Any private lessons or coaching session that fall directly on a Holiday will have been paid and will be re-scheduled.

ALL payments for any offered services can be made by credit card or check.

Private Lessons

  • Beginning tuition is the total length of lesson hours in the number of times your lesson day falls within the first 2 months, (from the date of paid tuition) plus the one-time $25 registration fee.
  • Tuition for continuing lessons begins the last week of your first month and consecutive months thereafter. 
  • This confirms your time and keeps you paid 30 days ahead.
  • Days and times are personally arranged between the instructor and student.
  • For missed lessons see the make-up policy below.

      1/2/ hr  $120  4 lesson days a month

                       ($150, 5 days)

        1 hr   $ 160  4 lesson days a month

                        ($200, 5 days)  

CALL or EMAIL for scheduling time and payment arrangements of ALL types of private and coaching lessons and to receive help with any question you may have.

Coaching Sessions

  • Beginning tuition is $80 for the first 2 pre-scheduled sessions, plus the $25 one-time, non-refundable registration fee.
  • Tuition is $40 to be paid at each continuing session.
  • This assures you and your instructors' appointment and pays you one session ahead.
  • Appointment scheduling can be chosen and customized ahead of time at the convenience of student and instructor.
  • Any coaching session that is chosen to run longer than 1 hour is charged $5, for each extra 15 minutes of time, not to exceed 45 minutes. Two hours will be charged at the normal $40 /hr tuition.

         1 Hour minimum required      $40

         $105 to begin  ($25+$80)

All Group Classes

  • Payment of the $25 one-time, non-refundable registration fee will reserve a placement in any Group Class, Seminar, or Workshop
  • Fully paid tuition is required before the first day of any group Class, Seminar or Workshop.
  • Any granted split payments will include a convenience fee of $15 each type of group registration.
  • Most Classes offer a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 participants, depending on the subject, for satisfying time of activity.
  • Seminars can have a larger number of attendees.
  •  Workshops can have any number of students with which the instructor feels comfortable. 

Make-up lessons

  • A 24 hour notice is needed to receive a make-up lesson, either for private lessons or coaching.
  • Times are scheduled according to  availability of the instructor and student.
  • Make-up lesson time can be customized between student and instructor and scheduled outside of the normal week and month of the missed lesson.
  • Tuition credit is not given for any missed private lesson, coaching or a scheduled make-up lesson.
  • COACHING credit or refunds are not given for canceled sessions. With a 24 hour notice in advance of the scheduled time a missed lesson can be rescheduled at the instructor's discretion.
  • GROUP Classes are not given credit or refunds for missed attendance. Makeups are only possible if there is a suitable substitute class, or logical alternatives can be arranged with the instructor.


  • 24 hour cancellation by phone or text is appreciated over email when possible, for all private lessons and coaching.
  • Permanent cancellation of private lessons and coaching require a 30 day notice in-person, and  forfeits any prepaid tuition.
  • GROUP Classes, Seminars, Workshops that do not reach minimum enrollment before the first week of class, may be cancelled by TCVA. 
  • You may then enroll in a substitute class or receive a full refund, minus the $25 one-time, non-refundable  registration fee.
  • Group Class tuitions do not transfer over to private lessons, coaching or other services.
  • Cancellation by the student at any time, one week after the date of their registration forfeits 50% of the tuition paid, plus the one-time $25 registration fee. The remaining 50% will be refunded one week after classes begin.